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WorldIP - Professional Geo Add-on with security features and advanced network tools

WIPmania provides a free WorldIP extension for Firefox users.
The real location of web server and extended information about datacenter. Advanced Networking Tools.
Anti-phishing solution. Security features against DNS spoofing and fake websites.

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WorldIP provides the following information
  • all IP addresses of the server (IPv4 and IPv6), Reverse DNS, web-server
  • all DNS entries for domains (A,AAAA,MX,NS,SPF,TXT,SOA,CNAME,PTR), their TTL
  • real country, flag
  • data center, provider, autonomous system (AS)
  • your external IP address, ISP and change log (by time or when changing proxy)
  • ping and traceroute from all continents (around 40 servers worldwide). Advanced traceroutes with three protocols simultaneously (TCP/UDP/ICMP)
  • ping and traceroute from your computer
  • links to Looking Glasses of 43 global providers (by provider name or by country/city)
  • whois, BGP connections on
  • verification of compliance of the website with the IP address, protection against DNS spoofing/DNS hijacking. These attacks are used by different viruses and trojans, some unscrupulous providers, governments and security agencies.

DNS attacks redirect legitimate traffic to a fake website, or when proxying traffic in the Man-in-the-Middle (MitM) attacks for different purposes such as
  • stealing passwords
  • listening to internet traffic
  • providing falsified information
  • intercepting online banking transactions
  • for censorship

DNS requests are sent to a randomly selected server from the list prescribed in the options. To detect DNS spoofing, the address is verified through an external DNS server as well.

By default, there are the fastest public servers from Google and Level3 in the list. Additionally, it is recommended to use DNS servers from OpenNIC independent of companies and governments (link in the options). Here you can read more about the project.

From the version 3.0.0, all requests to WIP database will only be sent via https for more protection and security (also against PRISM). They will be redirected to the server located on the same continent, where the user is. That is, all European requests are sent to the European server, etc.. Our servers are in the United States, Germany, Chile, Singapore, Japan and Australia.

WorldIP is a WIPmania's product based on WIP-database. Its results are based on data from core routers, so it is more correct than the other databases based on whois (those databases only provide the geographical location of the network owner but not the geographical location of the network itself).

IPv6 support is incomplete and experimental.

All requests and actions are asynchronous, so WorldIP does not slow down the site loading.

Why WorldIP is different to other add-ons and services in showing country
  • WorldIP plugin often shows different results from similar plugins and add-ons, because it based on data from core routers worldwide and not just on whois data. So it displays the real geographic location of an IP address. You can easy check it, just trace this IP address.

  • Most often users are interested in results on Google's servers
    Google has data centers located all over the world and shows a website to the user from the nearest server. WIPmania shows the real countries for Google where these data centers are.
    And, according to whois, United States of America (US) is always displayed for Google, because their head office is in Mountain View, California, US

  • There are some CDN-Hosters (among them, the largest one is Akamai). They also have servers worldwide and also show the website to the user from the nearest server. WorldIP shows the real country of the server as well, and not the US, AP or EU, like the other databases and add-ons do.

    For example: "" is displayed for Japan's users from the server in Japan (with IP address For users from Canada it is shown from Chicago (

  • Opera mini uses the proxy servers for Internet access, some of them are located in Norway. WIPmania displays an external IP address and country of these proxies (Norway ), you'll see by accessing the Internet on your mobile phone, and not the country where you are from.

  • If the country is not displayed (Unknown, Asia, Europe ), most likely it happens because:

    a) the IP address is not accessible from the Internet, because of the internal network (corporate or of your internet provider), or

    b) the network is new, so that it is still unknown for all core routers on the planet. (BGP route announcements about the new network can be spread over several hours around the planet).

    с) For the routing to this IP address "anycast" technology is used. That means, the same IP address is located in different countries. As in the case of the ordinary CDN, the website is shown to the user from the nearest server, with one difference, that all these servers have the same IP address.
    For more details, Wikipedia about "Anycast"
    An example: CDN-hoster (their servers are in America, Europe, Asia).

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