WorldIP Free Geolocation Tools and Firefox Plugin

WorldIP geolocation products allow identifying exact geographic location of an IP address belonging to any Internet-connected computer or appliance. The application spectrum is wide: geo targeting in e-commerce, combat with the fraud, spam and so on, protection of servers against various types of attacks on geographical indication.

WIPmania - 1.9 million of routers - the entire Internet including 5 million networks - 45 monitoring points worldwide

Another interesting solution is to use the service in blogs, forums and projects to determine their audience, the geographic location of visitors.

WIPmania provides a number of free products and services based on WorldIP geolocation database.


The WorldIP database provides real-world geographical location. It allows unlimited identification of geographic location of an IP address. It is completely free for any personal or business purposes.


API allowing you to query the WorldIP database with a single link.


The plugin displays up-to-date information about physical location of a Web server you are currently visiting (Country, Datacenter, AS network, Reverse DNS)

Download WorldIP add-on for Firefox from mozilla-website,(Version 3.0.5)


Include pings, traceroutes and reverse DNS.


Wip-Map contains information about countries and continents. It tells you about the country, statistical data such as population, the number of available networks, and so on.


WorldIP OpenBlog contains all the news, articles and concerns published by WIPmania team. All users can ask questions and post comments.
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